Guess What? Round 2

By the time you read this we have about 5 days left until the big day. Are you getting excited? We sure are.

This post is another teaser pic of something that will appear at the wedding during key moments. Do you think you know what it could be?


A Little Burfday Distraction

One of the burfday boys; Jake & Papa Rodley

On August 14th, we found a little time in between wedding projects to attend the birthday party of our dog in-laws in Milipitas with Fisher.  

We were really impressed with the new Silicon Valley Humane Society campus that opened in 2009 at 901 Ames Ave. In the shelter area, each dog available for adoption had their own room with doors, windows and raised beds instead of the typical fenced shelter setting. The cat area had communal rooms for socialization and smaller groups hung out in vertical style apartment dwellings with windows that allowed you to view them as you passed.

The facility even had a little store that featured many high quality toys, treats, food and beds for sale and all proceeds went directly to the efforts of the Humane Society.

Right outside were 2 dog parks, one for the teeny and one for the not so teeny. Next to the play areas were fenced off exercise runs that could be rented for events.

We were the first to arrive but within the next 30 minutes about 20 dogs showed up. Check out Dave's Flickr set for more pics of the furriest burfday ever.

Jake working the room


What's Going On Now?

Just a little update folks:

This past weekend we had a little crafting party. Katie Fayram, Ian Collins and Christine Srivongse came over and cut, glue and glued some more until they completed ALL of the wedding favors. 

Normally, we would post some pictures here but then that would totally ruin the surprise :D.

What we will share with you is the growing pile of Williams & Sonoma boxes from the increasingly frequent visits from our UPS guy.

We know it's going to be tough but we are determined to wait until AFTER the wedding to open all the packages.

It's gonna be like Christmas... in September.

 We wonder what's inside...


Wedding Crafts: It's All Coming Together

Su and I are busy getting the wedding craft projects done. As the date approaches, the craft fever gets more fervent. We don't want to spoil any surprises, but we're not above hyping the event a little bit. So, let's play a little game, “Try And Guess What These Will Be.” You might also enjoy playing, “Spot What These Become At The Wedding.”

Clamps & WoodFuzzy Waves


Something Else To Do

We're very excited at how many RSVPs we've received! It's looking like about 70 people are going to be in attendance. A lot of people from our respective families are going to be from out of town, and are staying in San Francisco to be tourists for an extra day. We thought we'd like to point out the one place you can't miss seeing in San Francisco, the new California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences has some amazing exhibits, including a giant rainforest dome, a state-of-the-art planetarium, an unusual Philippines Coral Reef Aquarium, and a cast of adorable penguins.  And on the weekend of our event, you can go see the “Extreme Mammals” exhibit, which includes some amazing fossils and models.

If you need any help coordinating a trip, ask us via email or give us a call. We'll happily set up your trip for you. 

Extremely Small