Just a few more hours...

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to thank everyone for visiting for the updates and information about today's wedding event. Hopefully, the Labor Day weekend has cleared out most of the city traffic to allow you time to arrive and grab a good seat. Remember that we have valet parking and please try to carpool. Please have a designated driver or a taxi company on call for after the reception.

We hope you all have fun and we can't wait to celebrate with you tonight.

Wedding Rehearsal

P.S. Due to circumstances, we were unable to procure a suitable webcam so that we could live feed the wedding celebration online to all the invited guests who could not make it today.

P.S.S. But we DO have a suitable HD Flip camera that we hope to use to record the ceremony and bits and pieces of the reception festivities. And upload that footage post haste!


Dave and Su


Thanks For The Good Time

Dave here. I'd like to take a moment to thank all my friends for a great party last night. I appreciate it a lot. 

For everyone who didn't go, here's an Appletini:

An Appletini a day keeps masculinity away


Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

taken by Dave Fayram

If you are planning to come into San Francisco before the wedding and take in the sights, please visit the wonderful farmer's market at the San Francisco Ferry Building at Market & Embarcadero. The ferry building opens around 10 AM while the farmer's market operates between 8 AM- 2 PM.

Cowgirl Creamery

We often go to pick up fresh seasonal fruit, Cowgirl Creamery cheese and dried beef kidneys for the dogs.

Breakfast & lunch are easy to find with the wide variety food stalls on the southern side of the building (try the rotisserie truck). There are 2 tents outside and 1 shop inside the building if you have a hankering for some really good Blue Bottle coffee (don't worry, the lines move quickly).

Parking is sparse along the Embarcadero but there are many nearby parking lots that charge by the hour.

So, if you have the time grab a reusable bag, cash and some sun block and visit the market.




Please visit the Details page for updated information concerning this Saturday's events.

Thank you


Guess What? (Round 3)

See if you can spot this project-in-progress at the ceremony:


What could it be?