A Neo-Victorian Affair

Occasionally, we have to dress-up for a special event in our lives. We believe that if you are going to bother to get dressed up, why not have a little bit of fun as well.

We decided on a wedding theme that appeals to our aesthetics and would only be enhanced with the participation of our guests. Victorian fancy dress is optional but highly encouraged (you would also be ensuring a definite place in our wedding book). If you do decide to come to our wedding in a victorian-era inspired frock we have some helpful resources to aid you in this task.




Examples of Victorian DressThe fashion trends from 1837 - 1901 were driven by British culture while under the rule of Queen Victoria. The numerous changes in fashion can be directly attributed to the manufacturing advancements that arose from the Industrial Revolution.

A woman's wardrobe included many gowns for a variety of engagements. The tight fitting corset accentuated the feminine form, exaggerating the bust and hips with a small waist. Evening gowns bared the shoulders and upper part of the breasts. An everyday dress was subdued, with dark colors, higher cut bodices and minimal embroidery.

Men's formal clothing featured brightly colored waistcoats and cummerbunds made from brocade silks. Coats and jackets were long, dark and made of wool or linen. Pants were form fitting and hats were essential head gear for the distinguished gentleman.

Corsets and Crinolines Links to many retail webpages that offer Victorian clothing for men, women and children.



Neo-Victorian Clothes (Photo by Anna Fischer)The Neo-Victorian aesthetics is mainly an amalgamation of the the fashion trends from the Victorian and Edwardian era. The clothing has a romantic influence and utilizes modern fabrics and notions to achieve a unique vintage appearance. 

Crimson Empress Etsy seller that creates gothic Victorian gowns and accessories.

Gallery Serpentine Australian makers of romantic gothic clothing that ship overseas.



Edwardian Dress (by lisaswehla @ flickr)The Edwardian Era from 1901 - 1910 covered the reign of King Edward VII. During this era, people became more athletically inclined and clothing reflected this change in lifestyles.

In women's clothing, the bustle shrank and arm fabric ballooned in volume. The corset changed the female form into an elongated S-curve. Blouses and gowns were full in the front and created a pigeon breasted profile. Formal dress was always floor length and everyday wear was raised to ankle height.

Men's clothing became less colorful and more austere in style. The formal suit was three piece and black in color. Dress shirts had tall, stiff collars and a white/black bowtie to complete the outfit. The top hat remained a fashion requirement but the homburg and bowler was also worn during semi-formal outings.

Gentlemans Emporium Online shop that offers a wide range of 1800's style clothing for men & women.

Nataya Designer dresses inspired by Baroque, Victorian and Edwardian era clothing.



Steampunk Outfits (Photo by Mark Berry @ Flickr)A modern interpretation of a Victorian-era world in where steam powers industry began during the 1980's. The Steampunk movement is heavily influenced by the literary works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. The fashion is easily identifiable by earth toned based colors, mechanical looking accessories, brass and glass.

Etsy Best resource for steampunk apparel due to style's handmade aesthetics.

Clockwork Couture A fine online Steampunk/Pirate clothier.

Five & Diamond Brick and Mortar steampunk shop in the Mission District of San Francisco.


Elegant Gothic Lolita Outfits (photo by Anna Fischer @ Flickr)A Neo-Victorian/Rococo aesthetic movement that originated in Japan. The trend includes gothic and punk aspects and has many variations. The typical lolita wears frilly knee-length/tea-length skirts or dress, lace head gear, lace blouses, petticoats, knee high stockings and platform mary jane shoes.

The Aristocrat is the male version of the Lolita trend. It assumes the style of upperclass men from the 19th century and tends to be androgynous in appearance.

Black Alice Online Lolita fashion store based in Singapore, official distributor of Baby, the stars shine bright, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World. Ships internationally.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Online Lolita fashion store based in Japan but does not ship internationally. Visit the brick & mortar store at 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Fan Plus Friend Online Lolita fashion shop that offer EGL, Madam, Victoriana and Punk dresses and ships internationally.