Wedding Details: The Red Dress

While we wait for the Wedding Ceremony video to edited, we will post details about the making of the wedding. These upcoming posts are not only for your edification but to serve as an online memory book of odds and ends from the wedding.

For as long as I had envisioned my wedding I had never imagined myself wearing a traditional white wedding gown. Not that there was anything wrong with a white wedding dress, I just knew that was not what I would wear on my wedding day. In high school I thought it would be neat to have a winter themed wedding in Tahoe and I dreamed of an ice blue ball gown. In college I flip-flopped between a Hawaiian or a Baroque themed wedding. As cool as I thought it would be to wear a colorful hibiscus sarong I did not know how I would convince family and friends to fly to O'ahu for the weekend. Nevermind a french baroque themed wedding, as it would have literally made us broke (har).

We agreed in 2009 that our theme colors would be red & black and that the ceremony would be held in San Francisco. As we researched reception locations the theme came to us naturally, Neo-Victorian.

I started conversing with Arlene Terrell of some time after New Years. When I thought that I would never find a local seamstress to create my red wedding gown I happened to stumble upon a very beautiful collection of historically accurate Victorian era mourning gowns.

Lovely mourning gown

Grey suit detailThe skirt detail of the above grey suit is what convinced me to contact Arlene post haste and inquire about making my red dress. The amazing attention to detail and her deftness working with modern fabrics gave me enough information to tell me that this woman knows exactly what she's doing.

By mid August, Arlene completed my red gown. We conversed only via email, never met in person and ALL measurements were made with the help of the ladies of Dark Garden corsetry and a well traveled test bodice.


Holy Crap! Look at that train!!!

You may have also saw on occasion that I let my voluminous petticoat peek out from beneath the dress (how scandalous). It was made for me by Etsy seamstress, Dawn's Atelier. She managed to create the rainbow, 6 tiered petticoat 2 weeks before the wedding. I failed miserably at finding a floor length petticoat on Haight & Ashbury that I could dye at home. I love it so and hope to find another excuse to wear it again.

It was so hot underneath!


The Photo Gallery is now LIVE

We're ready!

We've had a very busy month but found time to visit Rosemary our photographer in Gilroy and prepare the 300 or so image files for your enjoyment.

Please check out our photo gallery and please tell us if the information included for each image is correct or lacking.


Photo Teaser

The mother of our long time friend (and personal friend of ours), Rosemary Rideout was our primary wedding photographer. Aided by her helpful husband Bruce, they took our daunting list of requested photos and did an absolutely smashing job. Our only regret is that we did not do a "double mustache, all the way", line-up.

We have seen many of the great photos captured that day from Rosemary (and Facebook) and as soon as they are ready will post them in our photo gallery.

Until then, enjoy this fun fashion shot on the spot were we said our vows in front of 80 guests.

Ooh Lah Lah!


A Teaser

We're going through the post-wedding glut of media and starting to separate the wheat from the chaff. One very wheaty resource is the Flip camera that our good friend Ian Collins was using to record the night. As a teaser, here is a swell bit of footage he took from the dinner party:


Wedding Reception & Dinner from Dave Fayram on Vimeo.



Post-Wedding Wrap-Up

We want to give a big warm hug and hearty handshake to each and everyone of you who were able make it to the wedding last Saturday. Your attendance helped make a special day a more enjoyable and joyous occasion for us all.

During this time, we are reviewing photos with our photographer, opening wedding presents, writing down names & addresses, sorting the leftover candy & wine. I am also working as quick as possible to design & print out thank you cards so that we can send you a personalized message and commemorative photo to you and your families.

On the subject of the honeymoon, we are postponing a long trip until we get a concrete diagnoses for our elder dog Taylor. Three weeks before the wedding, we noticed he was walking straight into walls, door jams and our legs. His right pupil was filled with clots and did not constrict to bright light. We are following up with steroid eye drops, blood tests and a specialist in San Carlos. If he does not have much time left in this world, we would rather spend every minute with him.

On the subject of future babies, you guys are just going to have to cool your horses.

If anybody has any any wedding memories/miss haps that they would like to share with us please leave a comment to this post. If you prefer to send us a private message please contact us on Facebook/Twitter. The memories submitted will be collected and included in our Wedding scrap book.

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